The Best Juicers for Detoxing and Weight Loss

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get healthy through a juice detox and not having your juicer quite live up to the task. I’ve had juicers die after a few short weeks of using them. I’ve also had juicers leave too much moisture in the pulp and not enough juice for drinking, which is frustrating because I was practically throwing my money down the tube as I bought more produce than I should have needed to. So I set out to find the best juicers for detoxing and weight loss.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Silver B6000S

This juicer comes with all of the bells and whistles and is made of extra high-quality materials. My favorite feature of this juicer is the extra wide-mouth. The wide-mouth is so huge you can fit a whole apple into it if you like. It cuts down on prep time a lot because you aren’t cutting your fruits and vegetables up into tiny bite sized pieces in order to feed them into the juicer.


Other features that I love:

  • Comes with a recipe book for juicing ideas
  • A cleaning tool kit is included
  • Virtually noiseless machine, not like most juicers
  • Comes with a sorbet maker too! For after the detox of course.
  • This juicer is a low speed juicer to make sure that it crushes more juice out of the pulp

This is by far one of the better juicers that I’ve ever used. It’s easy to use and the red light indicator makes using this juicer a breeze. Plus, even though it’s called a slow juicer, it prepared my juice quickly. I didn’t have to stand around waiting for it to be done. It took less than a minute, depending on how large of a glass I was trying to fill. I give this juicer five out of five stars.

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

I really liked this juicer because of its simplicity and heavy duty power. There aren’t a ton of settings and parts that you need to try to figure out. This juicer also comes with the wide-mouth feature, which still remains my favorite feature. There’s nothing better than a juicer that helps cut the time and preparation of actually making juice for detoxing. My time is definitely valuable to me, so any juicer than can subtract the amount of time that it takes to prepare my juice automatically catches my attention.


Other features that I love:

  • 1000 watt power. This juicer is definitely powerful! It reminds me of commercial grade juicers with how powerful it is.
  • Also has a recipe book included
  • The washable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Two different settings: high and low
  • Blades are titanium, which keeps them sharper for longer
  • Comes with a 1 liter jug for the juice AND a froth separator!
  • Preventive measures were taken to ensure the juicer never overheats due to overloading. The machine will shut down if it’s overloaded.

I honestly couldn’t believe how powerful this juicer was. It drained the juice quickly into the juice jug and left the pulp dry. I love juicers that do that because it cuts down on my grocery bill a lot. Overall, this juicer was easy and efficient. I would also give it five out of five stars.

Waring Pro JEX328 Health Juice Extractor

This juicer gets added to the list because of its price. It isn’t a huge juicer and doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles, however you can’t beat the price. Don’t let the price fool you however, it isn’t a cheap model that you will have to throw away after a month of using. Even though the price is right this is a very high quality juice extractor that would make a great addition to any healthy detoxing kitchen.


Other features that I love:

  • Parts that can be cleaned are dishwasher safe
  • High-speed motor
  • Also comes with a recipe book
  • The stainless-steel housing prevents staining (which can be an issue when juicing beets and carrots)
  • Smaller in size, so it doesn’t require a ton of counter space or awkward storing
  • It isn’t too noisy and doesn’t threaten to wake up the whole household if I’m juicing early in the morning

Even though this juicer is little, it is fierce. It doesn’t have as high a wattage motor as the other juicers, coming in at only 400 watts. However, it gets the job done and it gets it done well. The only issue that I had with this juicer was that it made the juice a little bit more frothy than the other juicers, so for that reason I would have to give this juicer four out of five stars. It is still a great juicer though!

Final Verdict

If you are looking for one of the best juicers for detoxing and weight loss, I recommend one of the above. All three of these juicers were magnificent at giving me high quality juice without leaving a hard to clean mess afterward. The juice that came from them tasted amazing, so I much enjoyed doing the juice detox while checking them out. Of course if you’re still a juicing newbie, you should learn more through research by and asking friends and family about their juicing experiences. You’re also sure to find a lot of commercial juicer comparisons, reviews on omega nutrition center juicers, and a whole lot more when you rely on Mr. Google, forums, and review sites.