How to Become a Male Model

Every once in awhile a person wonders what life would be like if they were a model.

There are some things that many people do not know about the modeling business.

A person does not have to look like Tyson Beckford to become a model. An average looking man can model hair, hands, and even glasses. There are several opportunities to work as a model.

Model Requirements

The fashion industry is picky about who can wear what clothing. A person has to be in great shape. The average male model is between the ages of 18 and 25. A male can work well into his 30s. There are people that feel a man gets better looking with age.

The average male model is between 5’11 and 6’2 and weighs between 140 and 165 pounds. While a man may not have to have huge muscles he has to be in pretty good shape.


A man needs to be confident and be able to handle pressure. This includes rejections and if a man is lucky enough to find work a busy schedule. A man has to be willing to travel often and relocate when the job calls for it.

Open Calls: Every now and then an agency will open the doors to the public to find models. People from the industry are able to decide in less than a minute if someone has the new look. If they do not have the look than they are released right away.


Model Searches: This is for someone that wants to make an impression. They can visit a number of different agencies in one event. It can cost between $400 and $4,000 to attend each event.

Scouting Agency: If a person uses an agency they will pay between $50 and $150 to submit an online profile. The agency will then send this profile to major companies.

DIY: A person can market themselves with the right tips. They can ask different agencies when the next open call it. If there is nothing scheduled ask to stop by anyway. Some agencies may be willing to look at the new talent.

If someone is serious about becoming a model they should move to New York City. This is the modeling headquarters in the United States and maybe even the world. If a person lives in a city such as Houston or Seattle there may still be some work to be found. A person may appear in catalogs, television commercials, or flyers.

A person should keep their day job and model on the side. Most models need a second job to survive. Modeling will not make most people enjoy money to retire on. A person will need to plan out their future in a smart financial sense.


The life of a model can be exhausting. A person will spend the majority of their time traveling from one shoot to the next. They will need to smile for hours on end. There are some fun things that models get to do. Male models get invited to exclusive parties and get to date some of the hottest women in the world.